“...everything lives where the river flows...” -Ezekiel 47:9

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Ministry of Helps


This is a warm and friendly ministry that requires all greeters to arrive before the service starts and to stand in the parking lot of the church. As members and guests arrive, you will be there to warmly welcome, greet, and provide directions, information and assistance to the members and guests. The greeter provides the first impression to those arriving at our church and we want to make it a wonderful experience for them. Our desire is to make everyone feel welcome, comfortable, and at home.


The ushers are the doorkeepers positioned inside the sanctuary to attend to the needs of each person. Also, the ushers are in charge of seating the people, making them feel comfortable and answering any questions they may have about our service. Additional usher duties include directions and assistance during altar calls, prayer lines, the serving of communion, preparation and assistance during water baptisms, receiving tithes and offerings and any other duties which may occur. Upon completion of the service, the ushers are responsible for cleanup and restoration of the facility. Also, the ushers will assist during special events in the church such as guest speakers, home goings, and fellowship events.


This is a follow-up phone ministry of the church that is designed to immediately contact the guest after their initial visit to the church. The River caller will identify to the guest who they are, briefly give the purpose of their call, thank them for recently attending the church, ask them if they have any prayer requests and encourage them by saying that we look forward to seeing them at church next week. Any prayer requests and or comments received from the call shall be given to the Executive Pastor for further follow-up and resolutions.