“...everything lives where the river flows...” -Ezekiel 47:9

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Men’s Ministry

Men of Valor

This ministry was created to develop a strong bond of unity, love, and brotherhood among men. Through this ministry they will be able to gain a strong understanding of their position as men of God in the body of Christ, their homes and their communities. For a men’s ministry to be successful it must offer something for every man. The goal should be to point men towards opportunities for spiritual growth. Therefore, this ministry offers the following opportunities:

  • Holding evangelistic meetings for the mass of unsaved men.
  • Offering training to men on how to share their faith.
  • Providing momentum events to motivate the mass of Christian men.
  • Maintaining discipleship group opportunities, bible studies, prayer groups and accountability groups.
  • Uplifting those who are weak, encouraging those who are strong, and glorifying God in everything that we do.